What First Impression are You Making on Your Customers


First impressions count.  This applies to businesses as well as to individuals.

If your offices welcome clients regularly you need to be sure your business looks as good as possible at all times.

This means they need to look fresh and invigorated.  A clean and sparkling office assaults the senses in all the right ways.  Compare that to an office which is dusty, grubby and untidy.  You can see the difference, even in your mind’s eye!

Now is the time to take a look at your own offices.  Are they performing well?  Are they well received by your clients?  Could they be even better?

Focus on frequently visited client areas

Where do your clients go?  All rooms and spaces should feel inviting and clean.  But client areas are particularly important.

Think about restrooms and meeting rooms.  A professional, experienced cleaning team can revamp these areas without changing anything.  Simple but effective methods of cleaning and revitalising the space are all that is required.

Focus on all levels of the rooms




Carpets should be deep cleaned and brought up to their best.  A grubby carpet can be sanitised and deodorized.  The difference is astounding – and your clients will notice it.

A good cleaning team will move up from there and focus on different areas and levels of each room.  By the time they have finished every surface – from light switches to tables to plant pots – will look better than ever.

National commercial cleaning companies servicing South eastern
Australia will ensure that nothing is left untouched.  The overall effect is a strong and compelling one.  It will have a remarkable effect on your clients’ view of your business.

Focus on the senses

flower boquet


We’ve mentioned the senses already.  A bright, sparkling office should feel fresh, be clean to the touch and have an inviting aroma too.  Expert cleaning services should be able to provide a range of products as well as services to help you in this respect.  Air fresheners are perfect.  Fragrance polish used every time they freshen up the surroundings also adds to the overall effect. Don’t forget a fresh flower bouquet from Canberra Flower Delivery either. You can schedule to have fresh flowers delivers every Monday for your lobby or reception area.

Clients who enter the office may not even be aware of all these little things.  But they would be aware if they were not present.  Everyone notices dowdy, grubby offices.  You don’t want to be there.  But if the client feels comfortable in refreshing surroundings, they will be happy to stay.  That could be good for business!

An expert office cleaning service leaves no stone un-turned in the quest to provide the perfect surroundings for their clients.  Your offices must always look their best.  Don’t view a cleaning service as a standard service though.  In order to impress every client who comes through your doors, you must have the best services in place to ensure that happens.

Look for a service that is tailored to your precise needs.

If your clients are impressed with your business they will recommend you to others.  If they aren’t, they won’t. 

If your offices are sparkling and inviting, you can expect to invite more clients inside as a result.